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Sowing seeds at Summer Play Day

Sowing seeds at Summer Play Day

MG Niki and Co-ordinator Liza met dozens of little growers and their parents at a busy Summer Play Day at Riverside Children’s centre.
There were a few spots of rain but it didn’t put off the keen youngsters, who joined us to play “What vegetable is this?” We were very impressed how many tots recognised not only potatoes and peas, but trickier ones like green beans and courgettes.

Then there were bunches of fresh basil, sage and rosemary to sniff and try to think when you might have eaten them. Some were brave enough to try the a leaf of sorrel, and we had some funny faces as they tasted the lemony-tang. Sorrel makes great pesto and adds a zing to summer salads.
MG Niki had brought along lots of washed-out fruit punnets and we were soon filling them from our big bucket of compost and using them to sow lettuce seeds.
The tiny seeds were a bit tricky for little fingers but lots of children went home with a mini-salad garden, with its own neatly-fitting lid. In a few weeks the youngsters will have a lovely crop of fresh salad leaves on their windowsills.
Lots of peas were also sown into our Give it a Grow pots and taken home in the smart paper bags.
It must have been a busy day because we ran out of compost and lettuce seeds, but what a lot of happy faces and dirty hands!

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