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Medway Master Gardener Project reached 2,844 people

Medway Master Gardener Project reached 2,844 people

The Master Gardener project in Medway has now completed its two-year commission. Since April 2013, some 334 people in Medway have received regular support from a Master Gardener. The project closed in 2016.

Throughout the programme, the volunteers have been powerful advocates for the health, social and environmental benefits of growing food. From small pots to overgrown gardens, they have encouraged residents to “have a go”. Their horticultural knowledge and can-do attitude has shown Medway people that anybody can grow something edible.

During the project, Master Gardeners recorded a total of 1,326 hours of volunteering. They were involved with 127 mentored households.

Medway’s Master Gardeners made contact with a total of 2,844 people in the community since they began volunteering, promoting food growing as a route to better health and wellbeing.

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